downtown milwaukee pizza open after bar time

Brick 3 Pizza

Brick 3 Pizza boldly states on its menu that it makes authentic, New York-style pizza, and it may be right. Whatever it's called, it's good–not just a mushy slice of cardboard supporting a mile-high glop of filling. Read the full article

Brick 3 gets everything right, time and time again

Finding a Downtown lunch in Milwaukee for under five bucks has historically been a struggle, but Brick 3 Pizza, 1107 Old World 3rd St., not only gets the concept of a good, cheap and quick lunch away in their matchbook-sized location, they deliver it — curbside or right to your home or office. Read the full article

Brick 3 does downtown pizza with panache

The new Brick 3 Pizza has arrived. Pizza's not a hard sell in this town, but when you see the customer line extending through the dining area and down the back hall, there's got to be more than a classic crust, sauce and cheese combo. General manager Figo Akcay has something of a passion for pizza and his creativity is manifested in the form of full italian meals on soft crust… Read the full article

Short Orders (Brick 3 Pizza)

The chocolate brown and white decor, set against Cream City brick and old wooden flooring, says dining in the city. Brick 3 Pizza features a good selection of pizza by the slice or by the pie, the excellent light crust smothered in cheese and a selection of toppings… Read the full article

Brick 3 Pizza opens on 3rd Street

Brick 3 Pizza has opened at 1107 N. Old World Third St. The counter service restaurant sells New York-style pizza by the pie or by the slice in the space formerly occupied by the African Hut. It also has curbside service for pick up orders. The restaurant also sells meatball and other sandwiches, calzones, side salads and munchies… Read the full article

Brick 3 Pizza rises downtown
on Old World Third Street

Brick 3 quietly opened its doors for lunch and dinner. During our recent lunch visit, their dining area was packed to capacity and we even witnessed patrons taking advantage of their 'curbside' service… Read the full article

Brick 3 Pizza to open on Old World 3rd Street

Using two massive pizza ovens, Brick 3 will have the capacity to cook 32 New York Style pizzas in just five to seven minutes. Keeping it simple with counter style service, Milwaukee developers Rick Barrett and Tan Lo look to provide pizzas in volume, either by the slice or whole pizza, at reasonable prices…
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Brick 3 Pizza soon to rise
on Old World Third Street

Brick 3 should do very well with any late-nighters in the area. Old World Third Street has a thriving nightlife Thursday-Saturday… Read the full article